Studio BIM Manager @ Warren & Mahoney

Maciej is a Studio BIM Manager at Warren and Mahoney Architects
He has over 13 years’ experience in the architecture and building industry in Australia and UK. Maciej brings extensive knowledge in architectural design technology, parametric 3d modeling and the rationalization and delivery of geometrical complex designs.
Working on a variety of small and large-scale projects of multiple types, Maciej has developed a level of knowledge regarding the design of complex structures.

Welcome and house keeping

Facade design with Dynamo

ICC Level 4

In this class, you will experience the potential of using Dynamo in early and documentation stage facade design.We will go through multplie design processes that can be used to manage the design of a complex façade. We will explore different options of translating Dynamo geometry into Revit objects and pros and cons of using each […]


Closing Workshops & wrap-up