Computational Designer @ Aurecon

As a Computational Designer at Aurecon, Chris builds design workflows and automation pipelines across multiple markets, from large scale infrastructure through to MEP and structural tasks. Building on his background in generative architecture, Chris is passionate about capitalising on new technology to push the industry in new directions.
In his art practice, Chris focuses on combining the affordances provided by generative tools to design and plan space, and the interaction between complex geometry and the practical requirements of fabrication, assembly, and mass production. As a teaching fellow at Victoria University of Wellington, he asks his students to generate buildings procedurally, and to consider how this changes the design process.


Bringing Forge Data into Dynamo

ICC Level 4

This workshop will explore the potential of connecting Dynamo with Forge, Autodesk’s emerging cloud based infrastructure. You will be introduced to the basics of structuring a web request, allowing you to begin experimenting with connecting multiple online services. We will then construct a C# web request to access a Forge application on the cloud, and […]