Creative Director @ Humatech Inc

 Alexander started his academic study as electrical engineering in Isfahan University Of Technology. His studies gave him a solid understanding of mathematic, Statistic, Electrical Engineering, Optic physics, Mechanics physics and Heat physics.

 Later he studied Computer Science at University of Sydney. He is been working in the construction industry for the last 15 years.

Alexander has been developing plug-ins and macros for Revit, AutoCAD and Excel using VB.Net and C#, Python ,Dynamo and Revit API. He implements mathematical algorithms to modify triangles which shapes mesh surfaces using C++, QT and Python.

Dynamo from Design to fabrication: Case Study of a Parametric shelf

ICC Level 4

The goal of this workshop is to create a Parametric shelf geometry using Revit and Dynamo. Replicate the geometry in Revit using adoptive components. Each panel is cut using a laser cutting machine and assembled together. Learning Objectives : – Parametric design in Dynamo – Use of adoptive component in Revit – Creating geometries based […]