From Dynamo script to Revit Macro to External Add-in

ICC Level 4

The class will show how to how to translate a Python script into a Revit macro and how to add a Window Form asking for user input. It will also show how to navigate the RevitAPI docs website by Gui Talarico and Jeremy Tammik’s template for Visual Studio.
The attendees will learn how a Python script is organised (import assemblies, access the Revit document, recognize a method) and how to recreate the same script in C#. The attendees will learn also how to create a Window Form (in a Revit macro and in an external command) to ask for user input.

Learning Objectives :

– Learn how to recreate a Python script in C#
– Learn how to create a Revit macro and an external command
– Learn how to add Window Form to ask for user input