Revit hacking for real beginners: A starter guide to create your custom toolbox

ICC Level 4

If you’ve always looked with admiration to people hacking Revit and creating their own toolbox, with their cool icons and workflows, be ready to join them. During this class we will start to have a look under Revit’s hood and I’ll give you some simple but useful hints on how to start your own toolbox project. You won’t need to be a computer scientist to do so, because we will explore the easy way. The language of choice will be C# and we will start with some fundamental notion of the language, although, don’t expect this class to be a C# programming class.
To make everything more interesting, we will create our very first (and simple) tool to export Revit 3D views to .fbx format (used for AR/VR applications in Unity).

Learning Objectives :

– Learn the fundamentals of C# useful for Revit
– How to set up a Visual Studio solution for Revit
– Learn how to export Revit views to different formats