Dynamo is a visual programming add-in for Revit that helps users build custom tools. By learning Python you’ll be able to create custom python nodes, extend the functionality of Dynamo and interact with Revit through its API.

Our two Days Instructor-led training course will start form the very basics of python scripting and build your knowledge through practical examples.


    • Salvo Dragotta

Course topics :

      • Default Python Script node and custom template
      • Python Script node inputs and outputs
      • Importing the Dynamo Geometry library
      • Defining variables and Python keywords
      • Assigning variables
      • Common Data Type
      • Operators and order of operations
      • Conditionals If Elif else
      • Looping Lists
      • important characteristics of Python lists and methods
      • Dictionaries
      • Tuples & Zip()
      • The built-in function Enumerate
      • Break, continue, pass
      • important characteristics of Python Strings and methods
      • Errors and Exceptions in Python
      • User-defined functions
      • Modules
      • Classes
      • Anonymous Functions
      • .NET Framework and clr.
      • .NET Framework & Revit API
      • Assemblies and Namespaces
      • Accessing the Revit API with Python and Examples
      • Filtering Revit items with the FilteredElementCollector
      • pyRevit
      • Best Practices
      • Resources
      • Conclusion – Next Steps

We’ll have time for Q&A each day 

FAQs :

Do I need to bring my own laptop?

Yes! We will send the full pre-requirements to the participants prior to the training.

Do I need to have something installed on my laptop?

Revit (all software requirement will be provided to attendees). You can contact us before the training if you have issues. Contact us


This training is not refundable. Refer to our  T&C

More FAQ?

You can Contact us and we will be glad to answer any question.

1489 Dynamo Python Scripting for Revit 3-day Beginners Training (Online)
  • 3-day Dynamo Python Scripting for Revit training
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